Halloween has come early in Matthew Dear’s new music video for “Her Fantasy,” the first single off his upcoming album Beams.
The video for “Her Fantasy” has quite the cast of characters. Director, Tommy O’Haver brings out the dark side of the psychedelic pop synth track by using pulsing lights, dim colors and exotic subjects. Featuring a pink-haired geisha, a slow-moving harlequin clown, and a smiling lady with a cage over her head, “Her Fantasy” is a very weird trip.
Check out the creepy video and the Beams tracklist below.

Beams Tracklist:
01. Her Fantasy
02. Earthforms
03. Headcage
04. Fighting Is Futile
05. Up & Out
06. Overtime
07. Get The Rhyme Right
08. Ahead of Myself
09. Do the Right Thing
10. Shake Me
11. Temptation