Photos by Silvia Lobo.

Brooklyn’s own Matt And Kim was elated to be back in the five boroughs. Also, maybe just elated in general. Drummer Kim Schifino’s unbelievably wide smile was a permanent fixture in Terminal 5 this Wednesday night from the moment she walked on stage until the moment she exited.

The duo pulled wasted no time plunging into their happy dance tinged brand of pop punk, opening with “Block After Block” followed by “Good Old Fashioned Nightmare.” All the fan favorites emerged one by one, and the crowd loved all of it.

Matt And Kim’s performance was fun. How could it not be? All the bells and whistles were out—from the lyric displaying lights to the backdrop showcasing the classically tacky vinyl siding adorned “architecture” characteristic of some Brooklyn neighborhoods—also the cover of newest release Sidewalks.

On top of that, the performance was peppered by dancey musical interludes. “(Do You Think You’re) Better Off Alone” and “Just A Friend” served as transitions between songs and the crowd eagerly filled in the lyrics. When things seemingly couldn’t get anymore entertaining, balloons printed with Kim’s face were distributed to the sweaty masses. The punchy carnival-esque intro to “It’s A Fact” amped up this balloon action as blue, pink, red and yellow rubber flew everywhere.

Yes, it was all very fun. This is not to say that a question didn’t pass through this cynical New Yorker’s mind: Could this fun all be so incredibly genuine? Especially amid the elaborate props and the flashing lights. Were the entertainers in this sold-out venue (sold-out for 3 months, I might add) really and truly so gratefully giddy? Could they be so genuinely happy? I sure hope so. Regardless, the chorus from Matt And Kim’s “Lightspeed,” look at me now, had never rung so true.

After a two-song encore, during which Kim reappeared harnessed with a marching band drum, the show ended. Colorful rubber littered the floor as show-goers left the venue. Crowd goers still seemed energized but Kim’s face must have been sore from all that smiling.

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