If you’ve always desired to be the object of some lovelorn musician’s wistful—or guylinery emo—laments, you’ve got your chance. But, hey sister, love don’t come for free. Carefree and keyboard crazy Math The Band is selling personalized guitar solos for a whopping $2. The band announced over Twitter that fans who cough up the two bucks and provide a phone number will receive a special guitar solo, but it can be exchanged for a synthesizer solo or tambourine solo. Whatever suits your fancy. But, like with all good gifts, there is a disclaimer:

WARNING: may not be very good
OTHER WARNING: may be very very good

And, on top of tambourine jams that may or may not be very good, Math The Band is premiering the new vintage video for the jittery track “Hang Out/Hang Ten.” It’s the heartwarming tale of a grump-a-lot chef who learns the blithe ways of fun from some big ol’ milk and eggs. Aw, isn’t breakfast sweet?

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”480″]http://www.vimeo.com/18901903[/vimeo]