Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg with Andrew W.K.

Like any Andrew W.K. show or any Ramones retrospective, there was a ton of repetition and a critical mass of mushy feel-gooders out to see Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg play some long-time rock staples on Friday night at Santos Party House. Someone in the crowd said the set was 34 songs long. I didn’t count, but with two encores, the party lasted for around 90 minutes of chaos.
Swift, two-minute-long bursts of pure energy (and one “Party Hard,” of course) had rabid fans periodically climbing on stage, shouting a few lyrics into the mic, then, like clockwork, taking acrobatic dives into the crowd. Well, a few rookie crowd surfers gingerly laid themselves down into the sea of grabbing hands, but these fans were as welcome as the old guard. The sold-out crowd sang along, every word in every song, and I’d be damned if I ever understood a word that came out of Joey Ramone’s mouth, but Andrew W.K. was an articulate stand-in for the punk legend, although he might have been the only one in the building not wearing the black t-shirt and boots punk uniform.
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