After an eight year hiatus from solo work, Jesus And Mary Chain rhythm guitarist Mark Crozer is set to release his There Is No Love EP (Planting Seeds) on February 14 as a digital download. In addition to the title track (which is available to stream and download below), the EP will also feature new songs “To Get To You” and “A Night Like This.”

“There Is No Love” is a simple indie pop tune, with Crozer on vocals and guitar, accompanied by a backing band and an electric guitar reminiscent of the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Crozer’s vocals remain airy but raw above a catchy, colorful melody.

After reissuing his first two solo albums Shining Down On Me and Unnatural World in December 2010, Crozer continued his work with International Jetsetters, featuring vocalist Fi McCall, guitarist Paul Crozer, bassist Bert Audubert and drummer Loz Colbert. The Oxford-based group will release its sophomore album California in March 2011.

Crozer’s solo EP serves as a preview of a full-length release currently in the works, which will be released later this year.

Mark Crozer – “THERE IS NO LOVE” by Planting Seeds Records

Tracklist For There Is No Love:

01. There Is No Love

02. To Get To You

03. A Night Like This