CMJ Music Marathon 2015
Webster Hall October 14, 2015

This fall, Neon Indian will bring a brand new live performance experience to audiences across the US as he tours in support of his 3rdstudio album, VEGA INTL. Night School. Powered by Microsoft technology, the show will come to life through immersive visuals created in real time by the music and movement happening live on stage. You can go behind-the-scenes and get a glimpse of the live show, which premiered at the CMJ Music Marathon.The live recording of ‘The Glitzy Hive’ is available exclusively on Groove.

You can now watch the CMJ Music and Technology Day masterclass Shaping The Future: Music, Technology and Creative Collaboration. The panel discussed the evolving role of interactive technology in the music space while going inside the creation of the Neon Indian live show and DELQA, an interactive installation, powered by Microsoft, that transformed the music of Matthew Dear.

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