That dramatic and emotive orchestral heavy music of Mamiffer will once again grace the ears of its fans when the group releases its second full-length album, Mare Decendrii on March 15. The album will be five songs in length, all of which will be longer than past releases and completely lacking vocals, placing focus on the compositional aspect of the band’s music. This is going to be some serious headphone wearing, bong lighting music.

The upcoming album will be released on the recently founded label, Sige. Mamiffer’s core members, Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner (also the co-owner of Hydra Head and former member of ISIS), started the label as a platform for complete involvement in the multiple musical projects in which the two are involved. All releases will pay for themselves so as many middlemen as possible have been cut out of the production process.

Upcoming releases from Sige include the bands House of Low Culture, Merzbow, a live collaborative release from Mamiffer as well a few book releases.

Track List For Mare Decendrii:
01. As Freedom Rings
02. We Speak In The Dark
03. Blanket of Ash
04. Eating Our Bodies
05. Iron Water.