Glitter-pop duo Magic Wands likes creating things. For starters, the band has described its sound as “lovewave,” a genre that we’re not sure even exists. In addition, for the band’s previous EP, the duo filmed its own homemade music videos and uploaded them to YouTube. And now Magic Wands has just released the video for “Space,” the first single from its upcoming debut full-length, Aloha Moon, directed by band member Dexy Valentine as well as John Charter.
Once again, the band flexed its DIY muscle as car headlights, personal apartments and low-budget film techniques were used during filming. The end result is a flickering love story that has face paint, crowns, sparklers and some guy who looks like Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange conducting magic tricks. It’s an effective supplement to Chris and Dexy Valentine’s cosmic sounds on “Space.”
Check out the video, along with the tracklist for Aloha Moon, due out April 24 via Bright Antenna/ILG, below.

Tracklist For Aloha Moon:
01. Aloha Moon
02. Teenage Love
03. Kaleidoscope Hearts
04. Crystals
05. Warrior
06. Black Magic
07. Treasure
08. Wolves
09. Kiss Me Dead
10. Space