With a sold-out house on hand at the Fox Theater, M83 and Yacht electrified the Oakland crowd. Yacht, the electro-pop band hailing from Portland, was the perfect compliment to M83. Singer Claire Evans came out with her usual charisma and tongue-in-cheek jokes.

“Thanks for coming out just to see us Oakland,” she exclaimed. “Oh, and I guess M83 as well. For now on will be playing just dance songs, are you ready?” Evans high energy and stage presence won over the Oakland crowd as Yacht’s set wore on. As they performed catchy hits such as “Second Summer,” “Dystopia” and their popular hit “Psychic City”, Oakland showered Yacht with cheers and love.

Kicking off their tour for their new album Junk as well as performing at Coachella this past weekend, M83 took center stage to the crowd’s delight. Backed by glowing fluorescent lights and fog, the setting for M83’s dream pop set took hold. Led by singer/guitarist Anthony Gonzalez, the Frenchman serenaded the crowd with hits such as “Graveyard Girl,” “Wait,” “Couleurs” and “Reunion” while backed by Jordan Lawlor on bass/guitar, brand new keyboardist/vocalist Kaela Sinclair, saxophonist Ian Young and drummer Loic Maurin. M83’s set evolved into an electro-synth dance party as heavier synths started to take hold. The main event came when the crowd exploded for “Midnight City.”

“Oakland, I know you know this song, I can’t hear you. Make some noise,” Gonzalez implored. Knowing this song has garnered a lot of M83 one hit wonder fans, Gonzalez embraced it as the fans rushed to the main stage floor to dance to that song’s saxophone outro. M83’s set not only satisfied the casual fan, but won over new found respect for their deeper cuts.

Photos and words by Jason Demetillo