M.I.A. gives us her version of The Fast And The Furious in the new video for the single “Bad Girls.” Filmed in Ouarzazate, Morocco, the Romain Gavras-directed music video (Don’t worry: Though Gavras also directed the traumatizing “Born Free,” there’s no ginger death in this one.) features the rapper racing through the desert and breaking it down in front of cars, inside of cars and on top of them as they roll sideways.
M.I.A. opens the video wearing Navajo print pants and a black shirt with silver breast cups, but she costume changes a few times, the best being into a full-on silver sequined onesie. The lyrics “my chain hits my chest when I’m banging on the dashboard” left her plenty of room for bling flaunting, and she takes full advantage. We’re hoping that the line will lead to the development of some synchronized chest-smacking moves in da club.
Check out the video below.