Last time we checked in with M.I.A. she was giving the finger to your dad while he sat through the Super Bowl half-time show, but lately she’s been in a more cordial, giving mood. After signing to Roc Nation and announcing that she’d be releasing a new album, Matangi, sometime in the near future, the always mischievous Maya Arulpragasam has continued performing random acts of kindess.
Case in point: Last night, a group of ambitious (?) fans spammed M.I.A. on Twitter asking her to leak something new. So she did, e-mailing a new song to one of the most persistent fans, and here’s the track, appropriately titled, “atTENTion.”
The typically bustling and rave-ready track finds Maya repeating the word “tent” and dropping a stray Wu-Tang reference over a sly, squiggling beat. “We’re aliens but we’re not mutants,” she sings at one point, and though the track has been verified as a true, real-deal M.I.A. original by her publicist, there’s really no mistaking this as anything other than a product beamed in straight from Planet-M.I.A.
The track may or not be featured on Matangi, which will presumably be released at some point next year. If anything, this whole story just proves that being irritating on the internet can really pay off. So, let’s all pledge to send e-mails to Kevin Shields for the rest of the day, OK? Ready, set, go!