Last night the Lumineers played the first of two sold out shows at the Fonda. Lead singer Wesley Schultz commented a few times about the band’s love affair with Los Angeles, explaining how the Lumineers had their first sold out show in L.A. and once played five shows in a row at the small, yet popular, Hollywood venue Hotel Café.
For the hit “Ho Hey” the band played off microphone, getting the audience to sing the words before asking ,”Did everybody hear that?” and playing a reprise with amplifiers and all. Later in the set the band did a new song and introduced it with Schultz saying, “This is the second time we’ve played this song. Maybe it’ll be the first time we get it right.” The yet to be titled song had a classic, almost jazzy ’50s rock sound, echoing “Santa Baby” at times, and was about the blossoming of new love.
Halfway through, “Morning Song,” a group who had been waving handfuls of glow sticks all night threw a large amount in the air, leaving most of them with only one stick to wave at the stage for the rest of the show. During the band’s encore it had the audience sing “Happy Birthday” to their friend Evan, and ended the set with a cover of “The Weight” by the Band. Schultz picked out a crowd member to sing the first verse of the song, and had openers Bad Weather California join them on stage. After the catharsis of everyone singing their loads off, the bands bowed and the crowd erupted in applause.
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