It’s all about beginnings for the Brooklyn-via-London band Lovelife, as it follows debut EP El Regreso with its first official release, The Fourth Floor EP, on new label National Anthem.
“Heaven” swoops in with a floaty introduction, quietly showing off the duo’s flair for synths. The first words heard on The Fourth Floor are “Someday, I will be something to believe in.” Loaded with Icarus imagery, the lyrics are intimate, paying tribute to dramatic declines leading to fresh starts. Lovelife was formed from the ashes of British rock group Viva Brother, and it’s in this context that “Heaven” takes on more meaning, knowing that the duo of Lee Newell and Ally Young are moving on from the past. Their productions are triumphant, their words and voices colored with the kind of sentiment that only experience can give.

On “The Key,” the duo veers more toward ’80s bombast, with a muscular bassline that recalls El Regreso track “Tonight (We’re Taking Our Own Lives).” Ghostly, auto-tuned vocals make “Your New Beloved” the sum of the cold/warm feeling that stretches across the EP’s four tracks. There’s a strong grasp of pop conventions, but that’s far from a bad thing. Even the band’s name ties into the subject most often mined in songs. As “Invisible” closes out The Fourth Floor with a rattling beat and pointed synths, it feels like it’s over too soon.
Lovelife stands strong alongside other soulful electro-pop acts like Lemonade and Autre Ne Veut. And while it’s still early in its (new) career, it seems like a safe enough bet that someday, Lovelife will be something to believe in.