Photo by Annie Lesser

Songstress Ella Yelich-O’Connor, better known to the world as Lorde, ruled over her subjects last night. With echoes of constant praise rippling throughout the audience, the most repeated, and stunned, phrase of the evening was, “16 years old?!” the young performer’s age. Although O’Connor laughed and coyly apologized saying, “We only know like four songs,” her modesty rang false because for her forty-five minute set she performed with a seasoned confidence and a sly smile.
O’Connor introduced the song Ribs as her favorite song off her album, Pure Heroine (Universal), which comes out this coming Monday, and most of the audience seemed to agree. The most dramatic and probably intense performance came while singing Glory and Gore, as O’Conner belted the last verse, fingers forming claws, tears flowing from her eyes. Afterwards she giggled, letting her lion’s mane of tresses cover her face as she said, “I feel a little embarrassed, I wept in front of you.”
When playing her hit, Royals, which has been #1 on the Rock music charts for over a month now, the entire audience lifted their cell phones up. Although Lorde has a simple, dark, indie pop sound, her quick rise to mainstream popularity made for an eclectic mix in the crowd (a pun-slinging hip hop fan, young girls with their fathers, even JJ Abrams) whose hands all shot up again during Royals. Even though some of the audience left after the hit was played, O’Conner’s stage presence was able to hold a tight grasp on the majority of her dominion with a siren song and that sly smile of hers.
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