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Last night was neo-pop sensation Lorde’s second of three sold-out shows at the doomed Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan. The famed venue will be closing in April, and this looks to be one of its last, big, multi-night events.
But first, opener Lo-Fang came out and hypnotized the crowd with his falsetto, while at times playing violin and a bit of guitar in front of his sparse band of a drummer and keyboardist—and all with minimal lighting effects.
Lorde strolled onstage dressed all in black with a black backdrop and just a spotlight on her for the first two songs, spasm-dancing to the beats while singing. Finally some light was shed for her third song, and the crowds’ energy lit up as well. She apologized for being sick, as she sipped some tea and spoke in a sore voice. She played a full set culminating in a confetti explosion and no encore, but she didn’t really need one. The Roseland doesn’t have too many encores left in it show either.
Photos by Alix Piorun.