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Last Saturday night at The Fonda Theater in L.A. was the second of two sold out shows for Lord Huron. Before they took the stage, a Mariachi band played to announce the Americana folk rockers’ entrance. The stage was set to look like a desert oasis, with little foliage along the downstage apron and a paneled Southwestern landscape as the backdrop. Towards the end of the set, while playing Time To Run, the lighting got dark and moody as a moon and stars were projected against the left and right panels at the back of the stage.
Frontman Ben Schneider, at a particularly serene moment when many who were dancing had paused to bask, mentioned that he was having a hard time “telling the diffference between what’s real and what ain’t. This is pretty surreal.”
A problem with doing performances two nights in a row is that sometimes the surprises can be ruined for audience members of the second evening. Many of the concert goers Saturday had heard from Friday’s audience how there was a big confetti display at the end of the show. So when only one quick spurt of confetti went off during the encore there were many murmurs of, “Was that it?” But some made the most of it—as the show was wrapping up, they collected confetti off the ground and threw it in the air as they danced away the night. The band’s performance however was not such sloppy seconds, but a solid, expansive set of their rootsy evolution.
Photos by Annie Lesser.