For all of the animal lovers out there Local Natives’ video for “You And I” may be tough to swallow. Directed by Daniel Portrait, the video chronicles the journey of a dog, who happens to be the last pup on Earth, and a detective who’s unwilling to accept a dystopian future without man’s best friend. Soundtracking the clip is the band’s sunburnt “You And I,” which works surprisingly well given the subject matter. As the song reaches a crescendo, the story climaxes with (spoiler alert) the death of the dog. But don’t feel too down—the story brightens up in the final seconds.
Local Natives released Hummingbird earlier this year on Frenchkiss. The record built on the ideas explored on their previous album and showed a group more comfortable in their songwriting and instrumentation. Watch the video for You And I below, maybe with a friend.