Chicago’s Grant Park hosted Lollapalooza this weekend for the eighth consecutive year. And as we trudged that mile between the Bud Light Stage at one end and the Red Bull Soundstage at the other, we were going to give you a live play-by-play report from the trenches, documenting the sights, the sounds, the unfortunate smells. But we quite quickly learned that we got no phone reception at Lollapalooza, so all of our real-time tweets remained locked in our phone—until now. Here are our thoughts from the weekend in Chicago, in 140 chars or fewer.


First Aid Kit Lolla, First Aid Kit Lollapalooza, Lollapalooza 2012

First Aid Kit

  • First Aid Kit, whose members look like long-haired dolls in embroidered dresses, is covering fellow Swede Fever Ray’s “When I Grow Up”

  • Johanna Söderberg almost knocked her keyboard over while wailing on “King Of The World” #folkRAWK

  • Anamanaguchi: “We’ve been eating a lot of Haribo and thinking about sounds.”

  • Listening to Anamanaguchi is like being trapped inside of Super Mario Bros. with an endless amount of super-speed stars.

  • Glad to see Metric‘s Emily Haines is as sweaty as the rest of us. #sweatsolidarity

    Die Antwoord, Lollapalooza, Die Antwoord Lolla

    Die Antwoord’s Ninja

  • Blond-haired family of four, sharing some Burt’s Bees, seems mildly out of place in Die Antwoord crowd.

  • Family, possibly named the Millers, now all bouncing to “DJ Hi-Tek will fuck you in da ass.”

    Yolandi Visser, Die Antwoord, Yolandi Visser Lollapalooza, Yolandi Visser Lolla

    Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser

  • Yolandi Visser, Ninja and DJ Hi-Tek are all sporting neon-orange sweatsuits.

  • Visser looks to be approximately four feet tall and 10 years old.

  • Crowd going bananas at SBRTKT‘s “Wildfire.” He (and maybe Sampha?) is standing at the helm of his laptop in a very tiny mask. #iseeyou

  • Have now been out of touch with all friends for six hours. Should probably establish contingency plan in case of phone fail tomorrow.

  • Shins have a woman signing their songs. Does everyone have that?

  • Dude next to me just vomited over the front rail. Nothing says “rage till you puke” quite like the gnarly sounds of the Shins.

  • Remnants smell faintly of Doritos. Unsuspecting British couple takes vacated vomit space. One remarks, “I smell Cheetos!” #agreetodisagree

  • M83‘s light show is making me feel a little grand mal-y. #wahooooah

  • Apparently everyone at the Red Bull stage gets handsy because Black Keys have a signer too.

  • Black Sabbath‘s crowd is way smaller than the one at Black Keys.

  • Tony Iommi’s guitar is drawling out the opening to “War Pigs.” Ozzy looks like he’s melting. This rules. Black Sabbath > Black Keys

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