Gardens And Villa - Photo by Christine Werthman

In the final days of SXSW, we took in more music than our ears could handle, which might explain the ringing. Chairlift‘s Caroline Polachek sang pitch-perfect renditions of songs from this year’s Something and flailed around the stage. Cloud Nothings rocked our faces off so many times that we decided to accost Dylan Baldi on the street to tell him so. Django Django‘s three-part vocal harmonies, mystery percussion instruments (“scraper thing” was written in our notes) and synthesizer whistles gave us a light and lively start to our Friday. Gardens And Villa mixed some funk-flavored bass dips into its flute solos. Denmark’s Choirs Of Young Believers gave us a much-needed mellowing out as we hung over the railing above the stage. And Dan Deacon taught us the finer points of the bridge dance. Photos below.
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