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Last night, two regional favorites took to Cake Shop’s stage. Little Racer and Honduras: two bands that have had watching eyes burn into their backs since their signings with up-and-coming record labels, Papercup Music and Black Bell Records, respectively.
But first up was Journalism. Their smooth, indie pop sound brought a nice diversity to the slightly more choopy sounds to come. A kind of inviting post-punk, their songs were full of hazy sentiment and free living.
Honduras was next. We recently tabbed them as one to watch this year. They heaved through cuts from their latest EP, Morality Cuts, with Sons being a highpoint. Their angular garage rock is more smoothly foot-tapping than stomping, and set up perfectly for Little Racer.
This Brooklyn band has undergone great changes since we’ve last seen them. Leaders Elliot and Ish have been playing together for almost five years, though the band technically began in 2010. Things seem to have finally settled into place, and they exhibited incredible chemistry through their decptively mellow set. Songs like Punk Life and Fire Island rode along on a kind of surfy vibe. But by the end the band really got going as they started jumping around and rose into some dreamy instrumental zone-out. This was one of those perfectly matched local band lineups that are more rare than you’d think.