Sleeptalker, the latest release from Montreal-based band TOPS, is a tune so fragile and intensely personal it feels as if lead singer Jane Penny is whispering directly to you. Even though Sleeptalker subtly builds over a relatively calm two-and-a-half minutes, its power rests in Penny’s ability to express her pain and dejection in a way that’s noticeable, but not overdone. With lines like “Hold on to words/when you are sleeping/words you forget in the daylight,” the song is the perfect encapsulation of what it feels like to be stuck with an exhausted body as well as an overly active mind.
According to TOPS’ Facebook, the song is mainly about “dark thoughts and the things people do to get through the night,” and while this eerie tune is certainly capable of haunting new listeners, its dream-like quality is powerful enough to warrant excitement for the new 7-inch single. Check out the song below.