We really got thrown for a loop this morning. With the news of Kim Deal officially leaving the Pixies just two weeks ago, I don’t think any of us expected to hear new music from the iconic indie rock band anytime soon. But boy, were we wrong. After nine years of dropping the needle again and again on Doolittle and Surfer Rosa, we now have a new single to wear out. The band released Bagboy today, its first new track in nine years, with an accompanying video directed by LAMAR+NIK.
Bagboy seems constructed on the usual Pixie credo of how to make a good song: keep it simple, keep it grungy, and don’t write lyrics that anyone can say with total confidence they really understand. In the video, the “bagboy” is a total bad boy (emphasis on “boy”). He looks about ten, and indulging his id includes bathing in a life-size bowl of Froot Loops and sitting in a fortress of balloons. Although the ending—well, I don’t want to give it away. Watch the video and download Bagboy below.