If you’ve been on Yuck’s Facebook recently, you’ve probably already heard the news of the roster change. Yuck announced in April that frontman Daniel Bloomberg was departing from the band to do his own thing (debuting his solo project Hebronix). Where did that leave Yuck? Just doing their own thing, of course. Today they’ve released the single Rebirth from their yet-to-be-named sophomore album, slotted for release this fall.
The video for the track looks like a microscope poorly attempting to draw focus on an amoeba (or some watercolor paintings of amoebas), but the shifty fizzed out framing in the video fits the lo-fi dream-fuzz of the track perfectly. Rebirth features Max Bloom (Yuck guitarist and songwriter) on vocals. So all the characteristic laid-back earnestness of the band is still there, and it sounds like they’re still leaning heavily on the nostalgic shoegaze motifs. Basically, Rebirth further asserts that Yuck is still too cool to have to do anything new. Listen to the track below.