Portland new wave duo YACHT’s new song “Party At the NSA” is a high-gear dance number that has caffeine in its bass drum and a vendetta against government spying. The quirky urgency, oscillating synth, and forewarnings about the U.S. surveillance state makes the track sound like a musical rendition of some estranged cyberpunk novel. Oh, and that guitar solo you hear is the workings of comedian and podcaster Marc Maron, ’cause you know, he’s a big fan of these guys.
If you “aren’t accustomed” to purchasing your music, you might want to reconsider in this case—that is, if your internet privacy is important to you. YACHT is donating 100% of the track’s proceeds to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit working to fight the NSA’s mass surveillance tactics. You can purchase the track here and stream it below.