Earlier this month, Willis Earl Beal told Under The Radar he wanted to give this EP away for free. While there’s no official word yet if that’s actually happening, A Place That Doesn’t Exist is available to stream right now. The eight-track EP has Beal honing in on his meditative bluesy folk style, and musing about things like solitude, silence, love and tumbleweeds. There’s even a glittery, textured tune called Toilet Parade (Ode To NYC). What if they played that at the end of Yankees games? You can stream the full EP below.

Tracklist For A Place That Doesn’t Exist:
01. Times Of Gold
02. Bright Copper Noon
03. Took My Heart
04. The Axeman
05. Toilet Parade (Ode To NYC)
06. Babble On
07. Hazel Eyes
08. A Place That Doesn’t Exist