vic-mensa-suitcase-chance-the-rapper Ah, the power of friendship. Chicago’s SaveMoney ring leaders, Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper, have teamed up for a new collaboration titled Suitcase. The respective Innanetape and Acid Rap masterminds have been all over the place this year, so it’s no surprise this track is about traveling around and coming home. Produced by Cam Osteen, Suitcase pairs Chance’s manic wordplay with Mensa’s shrugging flow over a flickering Candy Crush-style beat. For a hint of what you’re getting yourself into, Chance opens the track with this cheeky mouthful: “Kiss the kids and kick the dog and fix the dinner/Fix the faucet, wash a dish and wish for rain and when it pours make sure in the midst of all you don’t forget to call me to come back.” Oh, I don’t think anyone’s gonna forget. Listen in, and download the track below.