Iceage singer Elias Rønnenfelt’s chief side project Vår, which includes members from Lower and Lust For Youth, has released a new track from its upcoming debut LP, No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers. The second song that Vår has offered from the forthcoming record, “Into Distance,” is very, very good at one thing: keeping us from having a solid grasp of what’s in store when the debut actually hits.
“The World Fell,” the first glimpse that Vår offered up, was three minutes of pure synth, thump, and Rønnenfelt’s woebegone moans that sound like a vacant and twisted call to action. With “Into Distance” the synth is gone and, unexpectedly, replaced with lush instrumental warmth. The new track is comprised of an acoustic guitar strum, brisk drumming and brass that nicely complements the sermonizing vocals that culminate the track. Listen below.