This new track from four members of the Odd Future crew opens with Tyler, The Creator half-screaming, then pausing and starting over, saying, “I’m gonna be scaring kids and shit. Lemme tone that down, I’m sorry.” But Tyler has never really been one to tone anything down. And that’s a good thing, ’cause if he had, this tightly packed, retro-tinged group effort wouldn’t have sounded like the OF we know, love, and maybe sometimes fantasize about being friends with.
Hodgy Beats jumps in over lilting percussion, tripping on his caffeinated tongue with goofy lines like “Mentally I’m just crowded, but shit, I guess it’s time to change my outfit.” Next is Domo Genesis sporting a syncopated flow, soon knocked over by Earl Sweatshirt’s subtle mania wound around rhymes like, “Wolf pack about that shit/foaming at the mouth.” Sure sounds like it.