Pseudo-sweet Cincinnati noise mongers Tweens had us passing days praying over our garage rock shrines hoping for more info on their debut LP. Well, it looks like all those haikus to the gods of sick guitar licks paid off. Not only do we now know that trio’s self-titled debut will be out April 8 via Frenchkiss, but we’ve also got the album’s first official single, Be Mean. It’s a bubblegum-tough, neon-lit, diner-grime fest complete with frontwoman Bridget Battle tonguing over piles of ill-behaved lyrics. Check it out, along with the LP’s tracklist, below.

Tracklist For Tweens:
01. Bored In This City
02. McMicken
03. Be Mean
04. Rattle AND Rollin’
05. Stoner
06. Don’t Wait Up
07. Hardcore Boy
08. Girlfriend
09. Forever
10. Want U
11. Star Studder