Highlands - Photo by Brendan Burdzinski

Highlands – Photo by Brendan Burdzinski

Okay, so yes, we’ve been in a ’90s shoe-re-gaze for awhile now, but don’t blame Long Beach’s Highlands. They’ve been riding their waves of Ride-like storm clouds for near four years now, with their second album, Dark Matter Traveler, coming out July 15 on their own Say Again Records. They’ve nabbed a hardcore scenester, Rollie Ulug, to produce the album, and have shared stages with non-gaze stuff like A Place To Bury Strangers and Dead Meadow, just to keep them from sliding too far into the mire. Dark Matter Traveler adds a distant, blurry, robotic beat-ness that lends it some future focus.
Today they offer us a premiere of a molasses-thick swoosh song, Show Me, that’s still pretty blurry. Just as it’s finding a structure, it stretches apart like that molasses dripping off the edge of the kitchen table. Check out the tune and the album’s tracklist below. Tour dates are all over the sticky planning table.

Tracklist For Dark Matter Traveler:
01. Show Me
02. Onto You
03. Beauty
04. Daylight Station
05. I Know
06. Connections
07. Situations
08. Your Let Down
09. Go Down
10. You Stay Up