EB 1
Pearl Jam was going to call themselves Mookie Blaylock, and sadly it’s taken this long for a band to consider the name-cribbing of a great, cult baskball player (and just in case you get any ideas, I’ve already taken “World B. Free” for my solo project). Earl Boykins is a new NYC band who are all probably taller than the Earl Boykins, and most definitely noisier. They’ve already gigged all over town, and they’ve got their debut album, Friends, coming in March. And like a point guard with good floor vision, they’ve given us a track premiere for the first single off the album, Doves, a speedy, chimey-buzz guitar, vox screamer that’s as sonically active as a Boykins drive to the rim. Okay I promise, no more basketball metaphors when we review the album. Check the track and their upcoming regional gigs below.

Tour Dates For Earl Boykins:
02/15 – Beacon, NY – Quinn’s
02/27 – Purchase College – The Stood
02/28 – RPI College – Ground Zero
03/01 – Bennington College – The Down Cafe