Another L.I.E.S. favorite is preparing a record for the label’s White Label series. Last heard on the sunburnt krautrock of Tarifa, Torn Hawk returns on a split 12-inch with Black Deer, a.k.a. Will Burnett, to be released sometime this month. His newest cut, “Born to Win (Life After Ghostbusters),” is a 15-minute jam that sounds like it’s meant to be heard on some distant Californian beach. One of Luke Wyatt’s draws is that his music comes across as spontaneous. The track buzzes with paper-thin kicks and hazy, indistinguishable synthesizers that seem to never end.
Wyatt made his debut last year, and since then the New York-based videographer has become a fan favorite, in a similar way to his label mate Terekke. When he’s not making appearances on Ron Morelli’s imprint, he’s busy with his own, Valcrond Video. Stream “Born to Win (Life after Ghostbusters),” below.