Judging what we’ve heard thus far, the Black Keys‘ new disc, El Camino, could be a late-coming contender for album of the year. You can hear for yourself by going to the Keys’ website and trading your email for a stream of five tracks from the album. They include the very excellent single “Lonely Boy,” which you’ve no doubt heard in the video posted below.
The other tracks, “Gold On the Ceiling,” “Little Black Submarines,” “Sister” and “Run Right Back,” are sure to whet your appetite for more of the Keys’ blues-rock boogie. Lucky for you, the album comes out December 6. You can expect Dan Auerbach’s guitar and Patrick Carney’s drums to give you some deeply satisfying rock with some added flavors. On “Gold On The Ceiling” it’s a stray synth chord hiding between the layers of bass buzz. “Black Submarines” begins deceptively with acoustic plucking but builds into a towering rock crescendo. Gospel backup singing, tambourines and electric organs flesh out the tracks, leaving you wondering what else the Keys’ have in store. Find out when the record drops next week.

Tracklist For El Camino:
01. Lonely Boy
02. Dead And Gone
03. Gold On The Ceiling
04. Little Black Submarines
05. Money Maker
06. Run Right Back
07. Sister
08. Hell Of A Season
09. Stop Stop
10. Nova Baby
11. Mind Eraser