Move over President Obama, your Get Lucky rendition needs to make room for a Daft Punk remix of Daft Punk. Earlier in the month, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter promised some Daft Punk remixes to their smash album, Random Access Memories and they have delivered. In total Daft Punk fashion, they released the ten-minute Get Lucky remix in the dead of night, which was a nice wake-up call to late-’70s disco lovers. The remix nearly doubles the length of the original for a serious amount of luck.
The track opens with synthesized robot voices that splice through Pharrell’s vocals beneath the song’s memorable riff. Though the remix breathes new life into the single of the summer, it never strays too far from the original. Listen to the Get Lucky remix below, and accept the fact that you’ll probably never get away from this song.