If you were getting tired of Thundercat’s easygoing, beautiful “Heartbreaks + Setbacks,” have no fear, he’s just released another track off his upcoming album, Apocalypse, which comes out digitally June 4 and on CD/LP July 9 via Brainfeeder. This time he’s back with a funky, retro tune called “Oh Sheit It’s X.”
When you have Flying Lotus at your side it’s hard to make a wrong step, and the two artists have yet again produced something special. Driven by bass, groovy guitar work, and tons of warbles, Thundercat turns this mellow tune into a banger that belongs on a playlist with Daft Punk’s equally infectious “Get Lucky.” “The floor is spinning and I’m winning,” he croons. He certainly is winning on this wonderful track—if you’re in need of a good dance today, this should do. Check it out below