After announcing their follow-up to 2010’s Personal Life, Portland punks the Thermals released a quick, jittery first single, “Born To Kill,” that signaled that their new album, Desperate Ground, could be a return to form of sorts. Though the album doesn’t come out until April 16 via Saddle Creek, the band has released another new cut today, an even more bracing and urgent track called “The Sunset.”
Kicking off with a familiar big-riff-and-giant-drums combo, the track harkens back to the enraged, literary sensibility of 2006’s Biblical bomb-thrower The Body, The Blood, The Machine, particularly the throat-grabbing intensity of a song like “I Might Need You To Kill.” “I know that my shadows follow me still/And they probably always will,” Hutch Harris sings as the song closes in on its finale. That’s where the Thermals are at this point: preceded by their own legacy, but not haunted by it. Check out the song below.