Canada’s Ryan Gosling of beats, Ryan Hemsworth, is doing a new thing now called Secret Songs, which will feature a free download from one of Ryan’s friends/muses/favorite music-makers every two weeks. You’re Cute from 17-year-old Tennyson, is the project’s first release, and it sounds like fuzzy cacti spooning in a sticky splat of blue raspberry Bubblicious.
Here’s what Ryan said about the song, via SoundCloud:

This is the ideal way to start off Secret Songs. For a few reasons: Tennyson is a kid from Edmonton, Alberta where nothing like this type of music happens; I couldn’t tell you which genre he falls under; and the damn song is called ‘You’re Cute’. I hope everyone falls in love with this kid like I have. Download, listen to it while you’re taking a bath, and share with all your friends.

Go ahead and get an earful, below.