It’s been almost two years since Ayad Al Adhamy, lead singer of the Brooklyn garage quartet Team Spirit, signed his name in his own blood on the band’s contract with Vice Records. Since then, the band has kept busy on the road, touring with SKATERS and Surfer Blood (apparently they were going for an X Games theme on that stint). While the touring has been constant, they have yet to release any new material since signing with Vice, their latest effort being a self-titled EP back in February 2012.
But that’s gonna change on September 30, as the band prepares to release Killing Time, their debut full-length. Teenage Heart, the lead single, arrived today and it really shows a step forward for the band since their EP. Teenage Heart seems neater, crisper and more thoughtfully put together than anything on their previous release, but also keeps the band’s big, fast guitars and high-intensity fun in full swing. The largest growth can be seen in Al Adhamy’s vocal melody, which goes a long way in elevating this tune to possible hit status. Sometimes, waiting 31 months for a release may just be worth it. Take a peek at Teenage Heart below.