PUJOL – Photo by Jamie Goodsell

Whether you’re gearing up and getting hyped for your trip down to Texas, or kicking yourself on your way to whatever it is you’re doing that isn’t SWSW, there’s a ton of music you need to get acquainted with. Fortunately, we’ve got the playlist you need to make sure you don’t accidentally miss some of the incredible talent that’s going to be passing through Austin this week.
Among these 50 tracks you’ll find everything from the garage-rock charm of Krill to the electro-R&B groove of Young & Sick. You can catch Alvvay’s retro-surf wave on Adult Diversion before swinging along with the shimmery glitch groove of Sylvan Esso’s Coffee, but make sure you take a chillwave break with Vancouver Sleep Clinic, or get sloppy-happy with Young Thug along the way. You’ve got some serious preparation to do, so get started below! And if you won’t be attending the festivities, you’ve got some serious vicarious living to do, and we hope our playlist serves you well.