Chicago rapper Sulaiman dropped a surprise EP last night like it was no big thing, but it really is a big thing. It’s only 8-tracks long, but the lineup is packed: The GTW, Caleb James, Vic Spencer, Paul Scientific, Mic Terror, Naledge, Chance The Rapper and more. The EP is called The Mogs Almanac 2012-2013 and aims to capture a certain moment in the Chicago rap scene, so it makes sense that the guest features read like a who’s-who list.
Fam And Foolies is the track with Chance on it, and features both rappers trading smirky verses about stuff that makes them frown, like ex-girlfriends and bad salad. The EP concept came to Sulai in 2012, so I’m not sure when this track was recorded, but it sounds like 10 Day-era Chano. If he’s feeling nostalgic, that’s fine with me. You can stream Fam And Foolies below, but the whole EP is worth many listens here.