French duo Liminanas have just announced the release of their third long-player, Costa Blanca, this time on Chicago psych-garage imprint, Trouble In Mind. Sashaying out on November 19, it’s sure to contain more of the band’s suave but never common Franco-fuzz sex music. Yes they’ve got the sleek clothes, guy/gal tete-a-tete vox, shifty grooves, hints of spaghetti western soundtrack scope, and we could drop the Gainsbourg nod no problem. But they’ve also got ties to the Bordeaux-area garage rock party scene that can get boozily messy, and live this band is more than happy to let a number of sweaty hairs fall out of place. Dig this brand new track, My Black Sabbath, that they’ve just spread onto the world like camembert on a baguette.

Tracklist For Costa Blanca:
01. Je Me Souviens Comme Si J’y étais
02. My Black Sabbath
03. Alicante
04. Votre Coté Yéyé M’emmerde
05. Cold Was The Ground
06. I Miei Occhi Sono i Tuoi Occhi
07. La Mercedes De Couleur Gris Métallisé
08. Rosas
09. Barrio Chino
10. BB
11. La Mélancolie
12. La Mediterranée
13. Liverpool (Album version feat. MU)