St. Vincent @ Terminal 5, 2014 – Photo by Robert Altman

The internet is an incredible thing. In addition to all the cat videos you can watch, it also allows some kind soul across the globe to share with us a St. Vincent cut that wasn’t included on the U.S. release of her acclaimed self-titled album. Del Rio is fairly straightforward in comparison to the rest of St. Vincent, but it’s far from uninteresting. Annie Clark’s bluesy melody flows perfectly atop the indie trip-rock beat, and although the quality of the recording isn’t great you can still pick up on the sonic depth of the song.
Del Rio is available as the B-side to the European single of Digital Witness, and as a bonus track on the Japanese pressing of St. Vincent, but if you don’t have the patience or means of obtaining these treasures, you’ll have to live vicariously through that lucky fan on the other end of the screen for the time being.