Hailing from Portland, Oregon’s increasingly exciting music scene, synth-pop duo Soft Metals have got us buzzing again. To our delight, they’ve unleashed In the Air a refreshing cut off of their forthcoming LP, Lenses, due July 16 via Captured Tracks
While there are strong similarities between In The Air and songs off the band’s eponymous debut, Soft Metals have considerably honed their songwriting craft and sharpened their production here. Forwarding their affinity for synth-pop maximalism, Soft Metals open the track with arpeggiating synthesizers that become progressively saturated as a pulsating kick drum, echoing claps and a funkadelic bassline enter the fold. These sounds form a chilling accompaniment to vocalist Patricia Hall’s ghostly, ethereal vocals. Like the sexual uncertainty depicted on Lenses‘ album cover, In The Air is the sort of track that leaves you in limbo, unsure of whether to be happy or sad, whether to dance like a madman, or pay close attention to the musical talent in front of you. Check out In The Air, below.