Just when you thought lyric videos couldn’t get more exciting! The lyrically obtuse post-rock pioneers of Sigur Rós have released a very necessary lyric video for the new track “Ísjaki.” After releasing a brooding, colorful video for the track “Brennisteinn” off its upcoming album, Kveikur, due out June 18 via XL, maybe the band wanted to scale things back a bit.
The song is a soft, fairytale of a track with a shuffling drumbeat supporting some maudlin strings and a creaking scratching sound toward the end. The real appeal here is the video, which lets you pick out your favorite Sigur Rós zinger. I liked “Neistar af okkur, breenum upp til.” Whoa. Now that’s a lyric. All kidding aside, one YouTube commenter has translated some of the lyrics into English in the comments and one apparently reads, “You never say anything/You’re an iceberg/You are covered with an ice-sheet.” No, YOU’RE covered with an ice-sheet, Sigur Rós! Watch the video below.