Later this month Animal Collective will be releasing its Monkey Been To Burn Town remix EP featuring new creative mutations of “Monkey Riches” by Gang Gang Dance, Teengirl Fantasy, and Traxman. The EP will also include an innovative and haunting version of the Centipede Hz stand-out “New Town Burnout” by Shabazz Palaces, which you can hear below.
The Seattle hip-hop innovators have dismantled the quirky and familiar Animal Collective song recipe and turned “New Town Burnout” into a song you might find on a dance floor engulfed with strobe lights. Ridden of Animal Collective’s quirky percussion and Avey Tare’s familiar drone, the track is immersed into a novel and eerie context with Shabazz Palaces’ chanting and organ-like incisions. As the song builds you’re engrossed by suspicion before the familiar melody of the original track chimes in and Ishmael Butler delivers a difficult to hear but worth deciphering verse. Listen to the “New Town Burnout” remix below.