And the hits just keep comin’. So far, Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs project has four tracks under its belt: Tennyson’s bubblegum spazz track, You’re Cute, Maxo and Jonathan’s Gameboy hug, Nice Feelings, Schwarz and 333 Boyz’ clinically nutty Whack Tear Oil, and now Sega Bodega’s Jansen. Here’s what Hemsworth had to say about the track, via SoundCloud:

You should’ve heard the other demos Sega sent me. He’s sitting atop an empire of extremely mature, calculated electronic music. I was excited he wanted to share this track; hard not to feel how deep and personal it is. I love a producer who can express what’s inside them so well with, essentially, instrumental music. Outspoken in emotion. Please listen to this one with the lights out.

It’s a cold, jittery track that utilizes warped, unrecognizable samples of Keyshia Cole’s Love. So turn off the lights and get crackin’ below.