At the start of this month, we clued you in to Ryan Hemsworth’s bi-weekly Secret Songs series with its debut single, Tennyson’s bubblegum-glitch track, You’re Cute. I guess two weeks have passed since then, because Hemsworth just shared the project’s second release, Whack Tear Oil, from Baltimore-based producer Schwarz and L.A.’s 333 Boyz. Here’s what Ryan had to say about the track, via SoundCloud:

I’ve been following Schwarz for a while because he kind of embodies everything I find interesting about an artist in 2014. He’s ultra feminine with a super heavy sound; he has a sense of humour but his dark side can always be seen, and his versatility could be easily confused with indecision. I think that’s exactly what I love though, he’s from the internet age of consuming every form of music online, and now him and 333 Boyz can just open their laptops and make an experimental wild wild west track that pulls in elements of bounce, trap, and jersey… and I really can’t turn it off.”

And after more than a couple of rides through the track’s dizzying, plodding, calculated Looney Tunes weirdness, we can’t turn it off either. Listen below.