According to Wikipedia, Fiona Coyne could refer to one of two people: 1) One of the characters on Degrassi, or 2) The host of a South African game show. I thought maybe it was Wayne Coyne’s daughter, but what do I know? (Apparently, appropriately, nothing about Wayne Coyne’s family life). Anyway, this is the first original, non-remix song we’re hearing from future funk prince Saint Pepsi since he signed to Carpark at the start of June.
It’s a little different from what we’re used to hearing—for one, Ryan DeRobertis is singing—but it’s still obviously a pop-adoring Saint-P jam. There’s a Degrassi sample (mystery solved), bright, bubble-bursting synths and squishy-cheeked romance lyrics. If I could, I’d litter this story with smiley emoticons. The 7-inch single (b/w Fall Harder) is out August 12. For now, meet Fiona Coyne below.