We’ve heard a bunch of tracks now from Ryan Hemsworth’s biweekly Secret Songs series, and today we’re getting another one—this time from Sam Ray’s experimental dream-synthesthesia project, Ricky Eat Acid. P u l l is the first instance of Ray using his own vocals on a track (Saint Pepsi just did this too), and it’s a molasses-slow, mood-filtered song about love, I think. Orchid Tapes’ Warren Hildebrand mastered the track. Here’s what Hemsworth had to say about it, via SoundCloud:

I’ve been a serious fan of REA since the first song I heard from him. He’s part of Orchid Tapes which is a really impressive indie label run by just a couple of passionate people. REA’s album Three Love Songs came out through the label, and the LP probably has a million plays on my phone because I listen to it on almost every flight I take. Artists I can listen to while traveling are ones I’ll support til I die, and REA’s diversity is enough to last a lifetime.

Listen to and download p u l l below.