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For the first time since the release of Show World 15 years ago, the (mostly) longhaired California garage-punk sidewinders of Redd Kross have a new album on the way. Researching The Blues will drop on August 7 via Merge, and you can stream the slithering title track below.
Redd Kross – Researching the Blues by MergeRecords
Besides the eternal McDonald brothers filling their usual roles on vox and bass, drummer Roy McDonald (no relation) and guitarist Robert Hecker—both former Krosses of the band’s cereal-inspired Neurotica days—will round out the rebooted lineup. Stay tuned for tour dates and scope the album’s tracklist below while you writhe to “Researching The Blues.”
Tracklist For Researching The Blues:
01. Researching The Blues
02. Stay Away From Downtown
03. Uglier
04. Dracula’s Daughters
05. Meet Frankenstein
06. One Of The Good Ones
07. The Nu Temptations
08. Choose To Play
09. Winter Blues
10. Hazel Eyes